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Ted2Go IDE

Powerful IDE for cool Monkey2 language! · By Evgeniy Goroshkin


Recent updates

Released v2.8
This time there is the list of commits to repository since v2.7 ...
2 files
Released v2.6 - big update!
CodeEditor Added jumping to extensions members by F2/F12 (work best with ‘Self’ keyword). Now don’t flush selection for comment/uncomment block, but selec...
2 files
Released v2.5
Very cool release is here! :) What's new: ! Live templates feature – you just type short combination (like ‘prop’), press TAB and get whole code constucti...
2 files
Released v2.4
What's new: Added CodeMapView for better code navigation. Added IRC live chat (by Hezkore). Redesigned "update modules" dialog - you can select custom modules t...
2 files
Released v2.3.2
It's time to update! :) What's new: Fixed an app crash rely on parsing. I hope now we have more more stable version. Added new action "Debug" into main menu and...
2 files

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