Released v2.6 - big update!


  • Added jumping to extensions members by F2/F12 (work best with ‘Self’ keyword).
  • Now don’t flush selection for comment/uncomment block, but select all lines in block.
  • Added changing text-cursor for ‘overwrite’ mode (block / beam).
  • And now each document has its own overwrite mode state.
  • Now mouse-cursor is ‘beam’ inside of code view.
  • Changed shortcuts for navigate next / prev: Alt+Left, Alt+Right —> Alt+Ctrl+Left, Alt+Ctrl+Right. It should fix shortcuts for macos.
  • Now cursor moved to screen center when jump to line.
  • Now show extensions in SOURCE tree.
  • Fixed tab size for whitespaces marks.
  • Added option to auto-pair quotes and brackets (Prefs — Editor — Auto pair quotes and brackets). Enabled by default.
  • Added option to surround selected text with “” () [] instead of replacing (Prefs — Editor — Surround selected text).
  • Added ability to Comment / Uncomment selected block by pressing single-quote char. Previous shortcuts still are here.
  • Added item “Goto declaration” into editor menu.

Project file browser

  • Added ability to drop folder to the window to add it as a project.
  • Added “Find…” action in right-click menu to searching in custom folders.
  • Added support for opening scene documents (by Mark Sibly) – now you can explore 3d scenes right inside of IDE (formats: gltf, b3d, 3ds, obj, dae, fbx, blend, x).
  • Added whole line item selection with ability to delete selected by Delete key.
  • Added support for running .exe /.bat / .sh files with ‘okay’ prompt.
  • Move cursor to screen center when jump to line.

Find / Replace panel

  • Totally new Find / Replace panel, docked at the editor bottom.
  • Added “Find/Replace in selection” feature.
  • Macos: Alt+Cmd+F to show replace.


  • Fixed for ‘Super’ keyword.
  • Added support for extensions.
  • Increased first-char priority. Now when typed ‘ret’ you’ll get first entry ‘Return’, was: ‘glRetroSeq’, ‘glRetroMode’
  • Now ‘Self’ inside of extensions shows us public and protected members of its related class.
  • Now show static-members-only inside of functions.
  • Now show members from ‘monkey..’ namespace even if it didn’t explicitly included. So meet Min / Max / Assert / etc members in completion!
  • Completion by Tab – now do replace (was insert) whole ident under cursor.
  • Improved usings-filter. Now it filters mojo3d and any mojoXXX  namespaces if we are using just a ‘mojo’.

Main Window / Other

  • Fixed auto-show popup sub-menus. Now menus behaviour is the same as any desktop app (I hope).
  • Improved opening new document – now, just-opened doc’s tab is visible!
  • Now saving opened ‘dirty’ files for current built project only.
  • Bananas showcase is on! Parse data from monkey2 bananas folder.
  • Draggable tabs – now you can re-arrange tabs as you like!
  • Update modules dialog – assigned Enter and Escape hotkeys.
  • Added store/restore cursor position (and selection) in state.json for opened textual docs.
  • Combined Help & Docs tabs.
  • New shortcut Ctrl+F1 – for search in docs.
  • Menus and hints now fitted into window bounds.
  • Show hints by timer – not immediately.
  • Fixed crash on app closing if you close it quickly after start (long living bug).

Chat rooms

  • If you didn’t try chat right inside of IDE – do it. Open ‘Chat’ tab and connect to server.

Some tips

  • Escape – show/hide bottom dock.
  • Shift+Escape – show/hide left & right docks.
  • Type shortly ‘v2’ to see vec2(i,f) in completion (or v2i).
  • Type shortly ‘eni’ to see Endif, and ‘eli’ to see ‘Elseif’.
  • Case-sensitive search works faster (useful for find in folder).
  • Use DebugStop() function to pause execution and dive into debugger (work in debug mode).
  • Use ; semicolon and ‘else’ to write a few expressions on a single line:
  • If a>5 Print “ok” ; ProcessNumber( a ) Else Print “fail”
  • Customize you own code templetes for fast coding: Preferencess — CodeTemplates tab.


  • Thanks to all who supported me (and going to) via donation!


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Sep 26, 2017
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Sep 26, 2017

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