Released v2.3.2

It's time to update! :)

What's new:

Fixed an app crash rely on parsing. I hope now we have more more stable version.

Added new action "Debug" into main menu and toolbar, that run app always in debug mode - ignoring debug/release switcher.

Starting search text on text changed event  if text's length is 2+ chars (not need to press Enter or Find button).

Added a new sorting rule into completion list: set less priority if first char capitalizing isn't equals (test it yourself, maybe you can't see the difference).

Output tab improvements, added toolbar with: button "clear all"; text filter field; stop scrolling-to-end if we scrolled up.

Other minor fixes.


Ted2Go_v2.3.2 (win) 7 MB
Jun 09, 2017
Ted2Go_v2.3.2 (mac) 4 MB
Jun 09, 2017

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